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We use the latest technologies to ensure the rapid development of your product and keep it reliable. Helping you focus on what you do best.
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Backend development
Developing softwear is our main thing. We build web applications from scratch, based on Laravel or Node.js frameworks. Always looking after best practices.
Frontend development
We can transfer your project from flat graphic files to perfectly cutted web page or application. Of course we have also great partners to outsourse UI/UX design.
Technology support
Nowadays there is a ton of services, tools and knowladge you need to keep up in IT world. Thanks to work with us you do not have to worry about it.
DevOps in the cloud
In web application creating process, development is't the last thing. After all you need suitable production environment to ensure everything is workig all day long.
Working with
We would love to hear your ideas and make your dearm happen. We develop prototyps, Minimal Viable Products (MVP), Proof of Concepts (PoC) and complete products. We care about you tech resources like domains, mails, servers. Always ready to scale.
We can build your dedicated sales platform or extend existing one at wide scale. We help you understand the processes that are happening on the internet and tools that can grow your business and optimize conversions.
We work with financial companies, constantly developing their CRM systems, sales support systems, risk assessment tools and affiliate network service. Always keeping data private and provide constant availablety.
and more.
Contact us and tell about your project. We will schedule workshops and discuss all possibilities and solutions. After all we have informations to start new project. Sky is the limit.

Financial sales support CRM

Client: UnilinkCash

Existing CRM system was a big monolith, difficult to maintain and scale. We start with developing API and OAuth server in existing backend and prepare new frontend (as microsevice) based on completly new UX/UI.

Used by over 1000 employees.

Thanks to separation of sevices, we can build new modules using newer technologies without interference to old resources.

We are using
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